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The most amazing projects are always born in the most peculiar places. That’s exactly how it went for Konnekt. Konnekt didn’t find its start in an economics class or a cafe – it was born after my geography and economy teacher caught me hiding in the bushes behind Kristiine shopping centre instead of studying the day before a competition. This whole mess made me feel immensely guilty. That’s when I decided to start a student company the following year to make up for me slacking off.

As such I got into contact with Jürgen (our marketing guru) and together we started searching for remaining members (this was much harder than we expected at first). Grete (our mad scientist) joined the team following a competition we hosted with Jürgen. Namely Grete had to market potatoes which were stuffed into a balloon. As I already had a little experience with running a company I wanted to avoid common pitfalls – the first was to build a company with an idea that one person came up with themselves. Because of that we set out to participate in an idea hackathon to find a world changing idea all together. Soon we spotted our wallets and thought to ourselves – we have to fix these!

At first we thought to make (not so cool) wooden bracelets with an NFC chip built in so it would be possible to tap away in the store. Luckily the universe knew that we weren’t reaching our full potential and our product’s high initial net cost (215€ per bracelet!) guided us to start developing an app. So here we are! Many sleepless nights, tens of business meetings and a 100% loss in members compared to our current team makeup, the Konnekt app will soon reach Your mobile phone.

In the spring of 2020 we wanted to do something crazy that no other student company had done before. What’s more we wanted to start fixing this broken world one piece at a time.

Anita Algus