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The data will appear on the card only after the first validation.
iPhone users may experience issues with the current version of the app.
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We are KonnektKonnekt is built by ordinary students. We aren’t a giant corporation, we aren’t snobby, we aren’t trying to build a pyramid scheme. We just want to make something cool and maybe make Your life a little easier:)
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Kaardi ikoon
Kaardi ikoon
Go card-free at school cafeteria, library and open doors with Your phone.
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Luku ikoon
Konnekt is presonalized to Your identity, simply log in with Smart-ID. Additionally we are collaborating with major corporations for Your safety and comfort.
Wifi ikoon
Wifi ikoon
Konnekt works completely wirelessly, using cutting edge NFC technology and reliable QR codes.
Get rid of student ID cardsAnywhere with just a tapKonnekt is completely secure
So what does Konnekt do?
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Use it to open doors, in the school cafeteria and library. Goodbye plastic cards and welcome to the 21st century.Use Your student ID from a phonewith Konnekt.
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